Feedback from training doctors


Dr Natasha Greer

2017 term 1

I completed my GPT1 term at The Village Medical Practice in 2017. The supervisors are always available and incredibly supportive - no question was too silly! The other doctors, nurses, practice manager and administrative staff are also unfailingly friendly and supportive.

TVMP offers a broad range of patients and a good mix of acute and chronic medicine. The opportunity to do home and nursing home visits is a particularly enriching one. I would recommend TVMP to all GP registrars.

Dr Melissa Drinkwater (Mel)


I completed my GPT1 over a year (part time) at TVMP, with both Dr Jacky Korner and Dr Aline Smith as my supervisors during that time.  TVMP was a fantastic practice in which to start my GP training.  There were a great variety of patients, from young to old, and my home visits were a really valuable learning experience.  All the GPs at the practice are very knowledgeable, friendly and approachable – they were always happy to help whenever I had a question or needed any practical assistance.  There are also a number of GPs with special interest areas, including dermatology, mental health, patients with intellectual disability, women’s health and paediatrics.  The teaching provided at TVMP was individualised and very good quality.  Not only were there regular tutorials, but there were also opportunities to sit in with some of the GPs at the practice, and to have them sit in with me and give me feedback on my consultations.  The practice also has some lovely practice nurses who are full of very useful information and practical skills and who were another great source for learning!  The administrative staff were friendly and helpful, and the practice manager was approachable and very, very organised – not to mention always happy to listen if anything came up day to day.

I would highly recommend TVMP to any registrar, but particularly to those who are just starting out in their GP terms; it is a very high-quality practice, with very keen teachers, very talented GPs and allied health professionals, and administrative staff who were approachable and very organised.

Dr Nicholas Comninos


I really enjoyed my term at The Village. The patient mix was interesting, the supervisors and team are supportive and knowledgeable and the regular structured teaching was great to be a part of.

For me, the focus on disability care was really rewarding- you can make a real difference to a vulnerable population group through honing your chronic disease management skills yet the workload is very manageable and the atmosphere inclusive and supportive.

Overall I would certainly recommend this term to registrars at any level. 

Dr Julie Sze


I completed my GPT1 term at The Village Medical Practice and would highly recommend this practice to all registrars.

It is a busy practice with good exposure to a wide patient demographic and a good mix of acute and chronic cases. Alongside consulting on patients at the practice, home visits of elderly patients and patients with disabilities provided great experience managing complex medical conditions in the community.

There is excellent support and supervision, not only from our supervisors but from all of the doctors in the practice - there was always someone to ask when I needed advice. The practice nurses and administrative staff are all very helpful. There is a real team atmosphere at this practice which makes it a very pleasant environment to work in.

Every week we had protected teaching times and these sessions were of high quality. We were also given the opportunity to observe other doctors in consultation and to be observed in our own consultations by senior doctors which I found very valuable. The monthly small group learning evening is a fantastic way for all the doctors to get together and learn about a key topic over dinner.

Overall, TVMP is an outstanding practice with a strong, holistic commitment to both patient care and medical training - thank you for a great term!

Dr Hadrian Lee


It was a wonderful experience working at The Village Medical Practice, situated in Summer Hill with a varying demographic, and patients at all stages of life. 

I would recommend it to trainees of all stages, especially GPT1 and GPT2 registrars. The supervisors place a strong emphasis on clinical teaching and self-reflection, and are always available for discussions and questions. Teaching times are protected, organised, with a set agenda for each session. You will feel well supported, never on your own, in a working team environment with friendly staff whom are flexible, and tries to accommodate to each individual's needs.  

The clinic itself is situated in a renovated terrace, which adds character to the practice. It is well equipped, and has a separate nursing and treatment room with experienced and proactive nursing staff. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time, and it is a practice to which I myself would like to return.

Dr Alana Lessi


I have enjoyed and gained much from working at TVMP this term. It is a busy and dynamic place with lots going on. There are good opportunities to observe and gain skills in specialist areas of general practice, in particular: disability medicine, dermatology, mental health and paediatrics. In addition, the practice has a very pro-active approach to teaching not only for registrars, but for all staff. There is a significant home visit load which provides good experience for managing chronic disease and aged care. As a registrar there is always available support from senior staff, but you are encouraged to formulate plans and problem solve on your own. The staff is organised and well run with helpful and approachable medical and support staff.

Dr Steven Vo


I worked at The Village Medical Practice for my GPT2 term and can say it was truly a positive experience. Never did I feel pressured to see more patients than I was comfortable with and was always well supported. Working at the practice you will be exposed to a variety of patients; including nursing home visits, home visits and patients with disabilities.

The Principals (Dr Korner and Dr Smith) and senior GPs were all very approachable and there is always someone to run by that tricky patient case. The Practice Manager (Amanda) is amazing and always there to help when you need. There is nursing staff available most days and great to work with and learn from. The reception team was always great fun and very helpful.

I think what makes the practice stand out is its core ethos that has been cultured by the principals of the practice. That being, going that extra mile for the patient and really listening and taking a holistic approach.

Dr Zuo Huang


I would recommend the practice for registrars through all stages of training. I was at the practice during my GPT3 term and have subsequently stayed on after fellowship.  

The supervisors are very supportive with a good amount of informal and structured teaching. The other doctors at the practice are lovely and very approachable. The administrative and nursing staff are very helpful. The patient demographic is very broad and offers a good mix of acute and chronic medicine. The nature of the practice allows for a good amount of time spent with patients and facilitates holistic care. 

Dr Frances Moore


TVMP is a great training practice for registrars. I completed my GPT1 here and have now returned for my Extended Skills term. There is excellent supervision and support for registrars every stage of training and all the doctors in the practice, not just the supervisors, provide this.  Teaching time is protected and of high quality. The practice nurses are hands-on and the non-clinical team members keep everything running smoothly and are great fun to work with.

Major renovations are now nearing the final stages of completion. The practice has been expanded. There are brand new facilities including several new consulting rooms and a treatment bay. All rooms are fully equipped.

During the term, there is also the opportunity to do regular outreach work,mainly through home visits. This can seem daunting at first but is an excellent learning opportunity.

In short, I would highly recommend TVMP to any motivated registrar who is looking to enhance their GP training experience.

Dr Nicole Deakon-Bell


I spent my PGPPP term at TVMP in Summer Hill. It was a fantastic term, which really ignited my passion for general practice. Summer Hill is an interesting and eclectic part of Sydney , as such, I was exposed to a wide variety of patients, from young to old which really gave me a variety of experiences and skills which I will carry for the rest of my career. The pearls of wisdom that my supervisors, Jackie and Aline provided during my PGPPP term are honestly ones I will never forget - things that just can't be learnt in a text book. They taught me what it means to be a compassionate and caring doctor, that it is important to give back to your community. It was an absolute pleasure turning up to work every day as all the staff were extremely welcoming and would always go out of their way to help in any way they could. I feel very fortunate to have worked at such a well run practice in such a beautiful and interesting part of Sydney, and I would gladly recommend it to anyone who wants a well rounded general practice experience.

Dr Dilani Balendran


I had the pleasure of working as a PGPPP trainee at The Village prior to commencing my GP training. During my time at The Village I was given excellent supervision and weekly teaching to help further my skills. All the doctors were extremely helpful and the receptionists are fabulous! It is a well organised practice that provides a high standard of care for all their patients. Without my time at The Village I would not have been able to form a solid basis for my future career in General Practice. I will be forever grateful to all the staff at The Village. Training at The Village is truly valuable, rewarding and a fantastic opportunity!

Dr Mike Hanson


I worked full time at The Village Medical Practice for my GPT1 term during the second half of 2012 and sincerely enjoyed my time spent there. This is a very established practice in the community with experienced staff that are all approachable. There are three practices nurses who are highly skilled in vaccinations, cryotherapy, dressings and ear syringing to name a few. They are also are proficient in creating and modifying care plans and team arrangements. The practice is well equipped with tools such as ABI Device, Halter BP monitor and a fibre-optic speculums with digital display. The practice's strengths include paediatrics, women's health/shared care, skin cancer and disability. To support these interests there are specialist or GPs with interests in these areas who are more then happy to assist with education and assistance. Education sessions are set up on a weekly basis; they include presentations, exam practice and/or observation. A highlight of mine was the opportunity to attend a once monthly dinner for the practice's medical staff that includes an interactive presentation given by local specialist's. Overall I would recommend this practice to anyone who is just starting out or has been in the game for a while and would like to be part of a well coordinated team. 

Dr Scott Wilcocks


I spent 6 months as a GPT1 registrar at The Village Medical Practice in 2012. It was an excellent placement and I highly recommend it to other registrars. Physically the practice creates a very warm and comforting environment which is further reinforced by friendly and polite staff. All rooms are well equipped. Overall the practice succeeds in creating the feeling of a warm family practice. All doctors/nurses have a very high standard of care with excellent systems in place to help manage the communitys needs. There is a strong emphasis on chronic disease and prevention with excellent systems in place to help with this. There is a full time practice nurse to assist with care of patients. In particular the practice nurse plays an important role in the development and maintenance of GP management plans, health assessments and recalls to name a few. From a training point of view the registrar is extremely well supported. Times are set aside in the roster for structured teaching sessions. The practice organises a monthly dinner/tutorial where a specialist is invited to teach staff about a particular subject area. Senior doctors and supervisors are always keen to answer questions and aid with clinical assessment if required. Phone consultations are never a problem. The doctors working at the practice are up to date with their knowledge and have a huge amount of experience. As a registrar I had the opportunity to perform group home visits. During these visits I was exposed to many chronic diseases, patients with disability and patients with chronic mental health issues. Many registrars miss out on exposure to these important aspects of general practice. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my placement at The Village Medical Practice and was very well supported. I strongly recommend the practice to other registrars.